1K a Day Marketing eBook

1K a Day Marketing eBook

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Have you found yourself not moving inventory? Do you have a lot of open appointments? Is nobody visiting your website?

In this no strings attached first volume you will experience a whole new way of marketing that will produce thousands in profit through simple, direct strategies personally used by Jamie + Grant.

Releasing with a record $10K sales month, you have nothing to lose investing in this hustler's guide to a quick thousand dollars.

Digital products are available immediately after purchase and are non-refundable.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Sydeja Roberts
Inspiring, a must have Ebook

If this book does not inspire you then idk what will. Wow, after reading this ebook I feel so motivated, empowered, excited. My mind is all over the place because I now have so many things I want to tweak for my business. This is honestly the best book to have/read when seeking to start a business. All of the GEMS she dropped, will help increase your sales, customers & your overall confidence within yourself as well as your business. 10/10. Purchase your book now to make that 1k a day sweeeetieeee ❤️❤️❤️


If you already think you know everything about business you need this. If you want a business you need this. If you’re thinking about starting a business you need this. If you just want people to like you more - you need this! India is the goat and is making $10k in sales after only a YEAR. Buy this! You NEED it!

Thank you so much !


I’m currently in the planning stage of my business this year and have bought ebook materials from popular marketing coach’s to assist me along my way. And when I tell you I would’ve saved so much money coming across this informative book- it’s meticulous. Way better than anything I’ve ever bought from them. Soooo worth your Monet! Touches bases on everything, it’s written in depth. She doesn’t throw you to the wolves, she throughly explains this technique and shows you the impact. I am in awe, the time she took on this ebook shows. Upon completion, I will have the full confidence needed to start my business. Thank you India for providing the blue print to ease my fear + self doubt! This is a real GEM, no more pondering deciding whether to buy this. The only investment you need.

Must have!!

I should have come across this sooner! My husband is into marketing (newly) and I must say he loves it! He has learned so much. He went head first into re-strategizing everything he thought he knew for his business. It’s a must have!!

TruTherapy Cosmetics
I’m mad!

You NEEEEEEED this book! I’ve invested in groups and other material to help grow my business! They all beat around the bush and waste time! I knew God told me to do this, but I Ain’t know where to start, I just researched! This! Straight to the point! She isn’t selfish with info and just lets you have it! My only regret is not having this sooner! Of course I know that’s impossible lol
But anyone JUST starting out?! Get. This. Book! You’ll be way ahead of the game! From the time I bought the book til 3am! I’ve been updating and preparing for TruTherapy Cosmetics $1k day! Thank you for not being selfish and wanting US ALL TO WIN!