Fruit Complex Peel

Fruit Complex Peel

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Fruit Complex Peel


Daily stress and the demands of your job can contribute to older-looking and tired skin. Combat this problem with the Fruit Complex Peel, a specially formulated antioxidant-rich peel that helps correct fine lines, reduce hyperpigmentation, and improve tired skin.


Achieve an even skin texture


With regular use of the Fruit Complex Peel, you will notice an even, satin-soft complexion. Its super-fruit extracts give your skin an ultra-conditioning shower of radiance in just 15 minutes.


Natural ingredients


The Fruit Complex Peel is formulated with natural ingredients and free from harmful chemicals that can irritate the skin. This special formula is effective in reducing signs of aging and skin sensitivity resulting from sun damage. 


Why do you need this product?

  • It is a low-pH serum created for all skin types from normal, dry, and combination.
  • Reduces signs of aging.
  • Achieve a youthful radiance in just 15 minutes after application.

Directions for use: Apply a generous amount to clean and dry skin, avoiding the eyes and lips. Do not apply to broken skin. Leave on for 5 to 15 minutes. Rinse thoroughly and pat dry.


Add the Fruit Complex Serum to your cart today to help fight aging the natural way.

Ingredients: Water, Yamamomo Enzyme, Bilberry Extract, Sugar Cane Extract, Sugar Maple Extract, Orange Extract, Lemon Extract, Glycerin, Xanthan Gum, Phenoxyethanol. 


**Avoid direct sunlight with this product and always wear an SPF** 

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Do your skin a favor, get these products! The BEST

I have used the Fruit Complex Peel only a few times but the first time I used it I was immediately blown away and LOVED IT. Left my skin feeling smooth like silk with no feeling of left over residue. I typically break out instantly with new products, this IMPROVED my existing acne. The fragrance is so nice and subtle, doesn't smell like crap chemicals like other facial products out there. So excited to see how much more my skin improves with long term use. Also buying the acne serum asap to try out! Thank you for this skin saving product!

SnapBack for Your Skin

I used this as a mask last night after a cleanse and tone and my skin felt like new skin. It was supple, tight, and right! I was soooo satisfied with the results. I struggle with dryness and sensitivity but this was right on the money. Hands down amazing-can’t wait to try everything!

Brittani Edwards
Where has this been all my life ?!

I’ve been STRUGGLING with my skin since switching birth control, and baby THIS IS THE TRUTH!!!!!!! My skin is even, my pores are nonexistent like my waist baby !!!!!!!!!! A MUST BUY

Ashleigh Tucker
The glow

Can we talk about the glow my skin just received after using this product for the first time tonight and I want to go out so someone can see this skin.

My fave

This product is my favorite. It leaves my skin glowing and feeling refreshed. I’m actually using it right now as I type this review. If i could give it 10stars outta 5 I would. India keep doin the damn thing!